Last Step Textile Rinse

Last Step Textile Rinse

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Maximize your customer satisfaction rating.  Last Step Textile Rinse is a rinsing and conditioning agent designed to remove the maximum amount of detergent and emulsified soils so your customer’s carpet stays cleaner longer.  But Last Step doesn't stop there.  Last Step also contains conditioning agents that soften the fibers as they dry.  Your customers will definitely notice a difference when they walk on the carpet barefoot. 

Use Last Step Textile Rinse on your residential jobs when you want to leave behind a clean, lustrous, pH balanced carpet.  

Last Step also contains drying agents also reduce drying time so your customers can get back on their carpets faster.  As a bonus Last Step contains anti-foaming agents keep your recovery system functioning at peak efficiency.

Truck Mounted Systems:

1 quart makes 5 gallons of concentrate. Meter at 2 gph - increase as required for heavy detergent loads.
Portable Extractors:
Mix at 1 to 2 oz. Per gallon of hot water.

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